Helping curb the current global emissions problem using well-established ecological Carbon capture and storage solutions.

Aminoc transports minerals and moisture from the soil to plants; increasing health, soil stability, and reducing inputs required. Aminoc is responsible for a variety of the soils functionality; breaking down of contamination, organic matter, improving plant establishment, and attracting the right bacteria into the rhizosphere when required. Applying Aminoc drastically improves every aspect of the soil and plants health.

CO2Smash is an extremely bioactive concentrate that nourishes plants and encourages rapid growth. It contains policosanol, a naturally active compound found in nearly all plant species. The growth creates more surface area that can absorb more light and CO2 setting off a self-fuelling cycle of improved growth and carbon sequestration.

The Environmental Vision of New Wave Agriculture Australia, is to curb, if not stabilise the current emission problems within a period of 30years, through innovative techniques using already well-established ecological solutions. Our vision is of growing greater volumes of produce, that contains higher levels of nutrition, requiring only minimal inputs compared to today's standards of practice.

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Improving soil quality requires outside-the-box thinking and the latest science. Understanding what the soil is made up of and how it is being affected by the environment. We work closely with our customers to provide individual solutions for achieving the best results.
Do Better With Less!
NewWave Agriculture provides solutions to rapidly growing issues faced by farmers around the world. Establishing sustainability is the best way to provide a better future in agriculture. By focusing on the integrity of our products and ensuring the results are transparent and effective we have been able to grow among the leaders in agricultural solutions.
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Our Vision.
Our vision belief is that of a better world, with no threat of food shortages, no occurrences of famine, total land rehabilitation and providing a developmental key to the sustaining of life as humanity expands and attempts to further its reaches.
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Photosynthesis, the forgotten key.
The environmental benefits of increasing photosynthetic activity without the use of plant growth regulators, to-date has had a lack of understanding in the industry. Often the thought that, to increase outputs, more drastic measures were needed to be implemented.
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Natural Control.
The use of PGR’s which currently has caused a global outcry, due to potential risk, and lack of public understanding has highlighted the need for a safer method to be ushered which relies solely on sustainable methods that nature has had in practice for some 400million years.
NewWave Agriculture Australia is made up of highly driven and passionate people, each essential to achieving our vision of agricultural sustainability. We aim to provide revolutionary products that achieve better results with less and set a new standard of quality for agriculture across the globe.
Sustainability is the corner stone of continued global growth. Both organic and inorganic farming can require considerable labour, high cost input and can often lead to non-reproducible results. Sustainability is achieved through continued remediation of soil, even in the situation of high input. Often history is overlooked, or destruction is not viewed for its true purpose.
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Nature has the ability to repair, rehabilitate and enhance land through simple procedures. It is our responsibility to take these lessons and apply them to our every day practices to ensure the continued sustainability of food, water, and clean energy for everyone.
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Fertiliser: Standard
Additives: CO2Smash+Aminoc
Growth Time: 3 weeks
Brix: 9
Disease: Nil
Cost: $110
Improvement: 100 percent

Fertilister: Standard
Additives: Nil
Growth Time: 5 weeks
Brix: 4
Disease: Medium
Cost: $0
Improvement: 0 percent

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